Service 1

Interior Painting

In colour psychology the colour of building will affect people’s moods. Therefore, it is important for you to choose your colour to paint your interior. APro Canberra Painting specializes in interior painting. We will offer our professional advices and provide eco-friendly paints to help you create your unique space, including the colours and designs

Service 2

Exterior Painting

The psychologists said first impressions matter more than we think. So it is important for the outside of your house to have a good appearance. APro Canberra Painting will customize a unique option according to special surrounding environment. What’s worth mentioning, lots of Canberra painters don’t know how to apply special exterior paint in Canberra’s extreme climate. Our painters have professional knowledge to paint Canberra’s exterior, including walls, ceiling, fences and roof

Service 3

Residential Painting

If you need professional residential painters in Canberra, Queanbeyan and Googong, you can trust APro Canberra Painting to finish your job. Our professional knowledge and experience make us fully capable of painting the interior and exterior areas of your home. Whether you want to impress visitors and guests or you want to enjoy a more comfortable environment, we have you covered.

Service 4

Commercial Painting

APro Canberra Painting provide professional painting services for your commercial projects, including hotel painting, office painting, shop painting, maintenance & repainting, etc. 

Service 5

Renovation & Design

The colour is vital to your property. We know how difficult it can be to choose paint colours for your home. APro Canberra Painting will offer FREE colour counselling service to help you choose the right colour scheme for your property.

Service 6

Plaster & Render Repairs

If there are any damages on your walls and ceiling, APro Canberra Painting can help you apply our professional plaster knowledge to clean dirt and patch or render the damages.

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